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Perma-Liner Sewer Lining in Ventura 

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For anyone hearing about the Perma-Liner strategy for the first time, it might seem too good to be true. Nevertheless, the results are real — with dedicated Perma-Liner sewer lining in Ventura, homeowners and business managers never need to worry about sewer repairs or replacements ruining their property again. Get in touch with Drain Charmer to find out more about what occurs during this specialized trenchless tactic.

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Would Your Sewer Benefit from a Perma-Liner?

When the sewers at a property have not been working well, there is a good likelihood that they need to be relined. Even the toughest system will wear down over the years, especially if it has dealt with a lot of clogs and scale build-up.

A Perma-Liner installation would be beneficial if:

  • The house and its plumbing network were built at least 15 to 20 years ago
  • Multiple clogs have continued to occur, despite professional repairs
  • There have been signs of sewage contents or dirty water accumulating in the backyard

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How the Perma-Liner Method Works

For many years, the conventional method of replacing pipes has been through extensive trenching. This tactic would do the job but left a huge, expensive mess behind. In contrast, the Perma-Liner methodology is based on making the replacement as minimally invasive as possible. First, the old pipe must be cleaned out, creating an optimal space for the new pipe. Next, a specially coated tube will be fed into the original line until it has been pulled all the way through. 

The specialized coating of the pipe will allow it to adhere to the first line. If there are any holes, gaps, cracks, or worn spots, they will be sealed off. Because the primary structure of the old line is still there, it will continue to add to the overall strength of the whole line. By combining the two pipes into a seamless whole, it is possible to enjoy a secure drain or sewer for many years into the future.

Consult with a Perma-Liner Specialist

Anyone who owns a house or manages a commercial location can benefit from the Perma-Liner process. However, it is important to make sure that the line is still somewhat intact. If the pipe has completely eroded in multiple places, there will not be any external line to provide supportive exterior structure. The new lining will not be able to be sealed, which is when it might be better to opt for a replaced pipe. To ensure that the pipe receives the care it deserves, always speak to a professional, like those at Drain Charmer. 

By calling (805) 800-8762 or contacting us online, you can be certain of whether your system would benefit from Perma-Liner sewer lining in Ventura.

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