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Sewers work very hard to carry out waste and contaminated water, but this makes them prone to experience major problems. Since there are many things that could be disturbing the sewer system, a thorough inspection is the safest way to tell what’s going on. It is not enough to know that a sewer is malfunctioning, since a leak must be treated differently than a clog. By contacting our reliable team of plumbing professionals at Drain Charmer, the most optimal treatment can be found.

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What Occurs During a Video Sewer Inspection?

Advances in video technology have made it easier than ever to get a clear picture of what is occurring in a sewer. Video sewer inspections are completed using a tiny camera attached to a flexible rod. The camera is fed into the sewer system, where it captures live images. These high-quality photos or videos will identify precisely where any issue has emerged within the sewer. At this point, a skilled technician can determine the least invasive method of solving the problem.

Comprehensive Inspections to Protect Your Sewer

A total inspection can help identify major issues within a sewer. Sometimes, these problems are simply caused by old age. However, they can also result from the soil shifting beneath the surface, or erosion caused by too much acidity in the dirt. Even tree roots wrapping around the sewer can contribute to problems with clogs and backup. As roots are drawn to the water within the pipes, they wrap around the line, squeezing it until it bursts. Alternatively, they may find a narrow crack between the junctions of the pipe, forcing these sections apart. Regardless of the scenario, an expert can determine the proper method of tackling and resolving the issue.

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What Are the Signs That a Sewer Needs an Inspection?

Proactive minor repairs by experienced techs can often prevent a large, expensive replacement. 

It is time to get a hold of a knowledgeable sewer specialist whenever:

  • The lawn or yard is filled with mushy, wet spots
  • The toilet constantly runs or clogs
  • There has been a large increase of insects and rodents drawn to leaking sewage
  • Places throughout the lawn have suddenly begun growing bright green grass
  • The whole property smells like sewage waste
  • Different plumbing fixtures continue to face backups, especially toilets, sinks, and tubs
  • There are strange sounds of gurgling, bubbling, groaning, banging, or hammering coming from the pipes

To begin resolving these issues, speak to a tech at Drain Charmer. Extensive sewer inspections go a long way in safeguarding these critical lines from suffering long-term damage.

Call one of our team members at (805) 800-8762 or contact us online to ask any questions regarding our Ventura sewer inspections.

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